Welcome to the website for PicViewer, a lightweight image viewer for Windows developed by Kyle Lamothe.


No UI besides context menu

Image takes up entire window

Delete and rename from context menu

Super small file size

Supports drag-n-drop


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PicViewer has dozens of features you can access through the context menu. There aren't any clustered windows, toolbars, or buttons. Everything is comfortably hidden away in a context menu you can access by right clicking the image.

The image is the window

Without any UI, more space is made for the image itself. The entire window's space, actually. More room to see your beautiful photos, icons, and gifs.

Manage files

Files can be moved, copied, deleted, and renamed straight from the app. Saves a lot of time especially when sorting through large amounts of photos, but can also be useful otherwise.

Copy and move

Easily copy and move pictures straight from PicViewer. Just open the context menu and drag the "move" or "copy" items into another app. Alternatively, hold Ctrl/Ctrl + Shift and drag the image itself to copy or move it. PicViewer also supports dragging and dropping images into it.

Like key combos?

Every feature has a keyboard shortcut to be accessed without the context menu.

Optional dark theme

Need I say more?



Tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Might work on XP.

Resources used

Visual Studio 2015


Silk Icons


Version 001a (Coming eventually)